We entertain the world with fun games.

We explore everything from ideas for new game features, to exploring wild ideas for games, large and small.

Core Value

We embrace our core values every day so that we can continue creating epic entertainment experiences for all our players.

Lead Responsibly

The best teams make the best games

Value for Users, Tech for Good

Uses game technology to enrich the lives of users.


Gameplay First

Everything we do at HAPPPYGAMES is based on the success of the gaming experiences we provide our players.


Commit to Quality

We approach each task carefully and seriously. We seek honest feedback and use it to improve the quality of our work.


Fair Play

We strive to maintain a high level of respect and integrity in all interactions with our players, colleagues, and business partners.


Every Voice

Great ideas can come from anywhere. Every employee is encouraged to speak up, listen, be respectful of other opinions, and embrace criticism as just another avenue for great ideas.


Learn & Grow

The games industry is ever-changing. we’ve worked to improve through experience, teaching one another and cultivating the desire to be the best at what we do.


Think Globally

While respecting the cultural diversity that makes people unique, we strive to grow and support our global gaming community.